Have Routines

Routine is the a sequence of actions regularly followed. performed as part of a regular procedure rather than for a special reason. Routines can help you stay on the track of your life.

Morning routine

Wake up

Make Bed,

Go to the Toilet


Brush the teeths

Drink a full glass of Water(you can include lemon)

Enjoy cup of Milk,Tea or Coffee

Meditate by taking deep breaths

Do Yoga / stretch / Exercise / Workout


Say Positive morning Affirmations

Read Book

Priorities important tasks

write ideas in the mind

Plan the day

Clean, Tidy up

Do the dishes

Wash the clothes

Take cool Shower

dress well

Eat food

Do the work

Afternoon Routine 

Take a break

breathe / relax / stretch 

go for a walk 

take a short nap 

connect with yourself 

Eat fruits or vegetables 

drink water 

do yoga 

study something new 

Chat or call a good friend

Evening Routine 

Go for a Walk or Run 

go to gym or exercise 

Spend time with your family 

connect with your spouse 

clean up and organise your house 

write in your diary 

reflect in your journal 

review your goals 

plan out the next day 

read a book 

meditate or pray 

go to sleep early

Good night

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