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Affirmations are positive statements which help you to challenge & overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. When you repeat them often, and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes.

Morning Affirmations 

 Every morning when I read something good I listen well and think well, my chances of getting a good all day increase a lot and when one by one I feel good every day my life goes well 

I welcome this day with all my heart today, this day is the first day of my coming life and I am sure that this day is my life Gonna have one of the best days 

Today I am very happy because I am sure that today there will be something that has never happened before today 

Today i will learn something new i will see something new i will hear something new and think something new 

I feel great today 

I completely forgive myself and others for whatever mistakes have happened to me in the past or whatever went wrong with me 

I am not focused on tomorrow but on the coming moment, today I have thought well about everything I have to do and achieve my every goal I am all set for 

My mind is absolutely calm and my focus is completely on my goal 

My thinking is very positive. I believe that whatever happens to me is for good 

Whatever is difficult in my life, I see them not as difficulties but as an opportunity to pursue myself. Opportunity to know myself And opportunity to make powerful 

I am fully prepared to face whatever challenges I face today 

I love my life 

My body is completely healthy from the inside and my intelligence is fully capable of making the right decisions under any circumstances 

My mind is full of joy and i'm always happy i'm laughing 

This life is like a game for me and I am a sure player of this game, I do not mind losing or winning, I only have a purpose in life In the game, I have to make myself aware that all the happiness in the world comes to me by walking 

I am thankful to all that I have today and to those who are with me 

I have no shortage of any kind. I have full faith in my own ability 

All the powers of the entire universe are with me and I have a full store of energy 

No matter what happens now, no power in the world can stop me from moving forward 

Nothing is impossible for me everything is possible 

I can do everything I can think of.

Gratitude Affirmations

 I thank this nature with all my heart for all that I have। 

Thank you for these breaths of mine। 

Thank you for my eyes from which I can see this world। 

Thanks to my ears so that I can hear। 

Thank you for this body of mine from which I can go wherever I want and do whatever I want।

Thank you for my voice so that I can say things to my heart। 

Thank you to all those who knew or inadvertently helped me। 

Thank you for this unlimited energy that I feel in my rug। 

Thank you for this mind's intelligence and body। 

Thank you to all the powers that I am moving forward in my life। 

Thank you for the accommodation inside me that always shows me the right path। 

Thank you to all those people from whom I can speak my heart। 

Thank you for every little pleasure for every moment of life and for experience and for knowledge। 

Thank you for my peace of mind for a sleep of peace। And for rest। 

Thank you for every fluctuation of life that strengthens me from the inside। 

Thanks to every drop of rain and every ray of sun। 

Thank you to my parents' siblings, and all friends। 

Thank you for my work, because of which I am living a good life। 

Thank you for every smile and for my positive thinking। 

Thank you for my confidence। 

Thank you for every new feeling of life। 

Thank you and for new thinking and for a different perspective। 

Thank you for the compassion and joy for the love inside me.

Night Affirmations 

 Today was a very good day, today I did everything with all my heart and mind 

I am completely satisfied with everything I learned today that I understood what I experienced 

My body my mind my intellect and my soul are completely calm 

Whatever happened today was good from yesterday and I am going to come tomorrow. It will be better 

I am very happy and feeling great 

I have no worries of any kind. No fear. There is no bond. I have no boundaries. I am completely free from all kinds of restrictions 

This whole creation is helping me, making me a better person 

I teach something new everyday and I am thankful to all my heart for everything I learned today and am fully ready to learn something new tomorrow 

My thinking is different my circumstances are different i am different from everyone so i can't be compared to anyone 

I am not just this body, I am the whole universe and all the powers of this universe are not outside me

I am getting free from every evil inside me and my mind is becoming more calm and I can hear the voice inside me I feel relaxed inside 

I am confident that whatever is difficult in my life today will be the reason for my success tomorrow 

When I breathe, I am filled with positive thinking and with the breath going, I take out my negative thoughts 

Whatever happens to me is for good i love spending time with myself 

Hearing my conscience and walking according to it is the goal of my life 

I love everyone and everyone loves me 

I have no Gila Shikwa from anyone who knows and inadvertently did wrong to me, I forgive all of them with all my heart and whatever mistakes I have made in the past I completely forgive myself for that 

I am not focused on tomorrow but on the coming moment

I have thought well of everything I have to do tomorrow and I am fully ready to achieve my every goal 

I am thankful with all my heart for everything that I have today and those who are with me 

Whatever is happening in my life is very good whatever will be very good 

Everyone wants my good and i want everyone's good I have love and compassion for everyone 

Only one prayer is coming out of my heart that everyone should be good, all should be healthy, everyone's intelligence should go in the right direction and everyone's life should be filled with happiness 

I am going to sleep by removing every worry and every problem and tomorrow morning I will get up with a new exultation and start a new beginning of my life 

Now it is a time of rest and my body my intellect my mind is completely calm.

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