Improve Yourself

How to improve yourselfअपने आप को कैसे सुधारें स्वतःला कसे सुधारायचे
In this post I'm going to share with you some practical ways that can improve your lifestyle, when you do them properly.

1. Meditate
2. Set goals
4. Judge less
5. Eat healthy
8. Start a journal
10. Ask for Feedback
11. Learn a New Skill
12. Believe in Yourself
13. Start a New Routine
14. Plan a New Strategy
16. Didn't make excuses
19. Focus to Be positive
20. Change your attitude
21. Learn a new language
24. Don't Compare yourself 
25. Automate and Delegate
26. Acknowledge your flaws
27. Identify your blind spots
28. Leave your comfort zone
29. Change your social circle
32. Make a  bucket list 
33. Start being more organized
34. Quite things that ain't working
35. Write a letter to your future self

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