Build Good Habits

If you want to build good habit then it takes time, research study shows that it takes 66 days to form a habit. But we don't have to think about only for 66 days, we have to think that it is a lifetime process. We have to do it continuesly/constantly.

If you want to build daily habit then it costs your disciplined time, you have to set time for it. The perfect time for the habit, you need to choose the best time of your day to do that habit in a comfortable mode otherwise you'll miss the chance to do that.

How to choose perfect time for any habit?

Every habit you want to form it needs a empty space of time. Let's say you want to exercise daily then the perfect time for exercise is to do it on morning, if you are not waking up early and then think that I'm lazy today so you will postpone it on another day and you can't do that. That's why you have to set clear amount of time and stick to it. you can choose as 8.00am for your morning exercise, now you have to stick to it in a disciplined way so that any how you will do that.

If you feel sometime giving up on your routine then get some inspiration/motivate yourself by reading more about your good habit then you can achieve your goal  easily without any efforts.

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