Stop Procastination

how to stop procastination

 When no one is distract you problem your goal but your mind somewhat can't do the things that you have to do in order to make your job done. In this situation of procrastination you forward you today tasks to tomorrow and so on that's why they stay undone.

How to stop Procastinating?

Have a Routine 

You need a routine that will work for you. The type of routine that is based on your everyday habitual environment where you can give yourself opportunity to work.

Choose your attire to track your mind

Your mind make you destruct by negative thoughts that's why you need to have some control on your mind with positive attitude so you have to track that you are mine towards your positive thoughts

Set the bar low

In order to succeed in your work make it so small at first step when you get achieve it without any hesitation. simply increase the bar step by step.

Give yourself deadlines 

Deadlines can give you the possibility of the boundary where you have to complete your work any how. 

Follow people that remind you of your goals

When you follow people that remind you of your goals then you will more able to do what you have to do in order to achieve your goal it's a simple trick to remind yourself to be productive.

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