how to quit Youtube addiction

What is Youtube addiction ?

Youtube addiction means people checks their social media accounts regularly or daily basis like a bad habit effects health.

How Youtube addiction happens?

When people use Youtube the dopamine chemical in the brain releases and they feel happiness and fun that why it become habit and after sometime it effects on the health and becomes addiction.

What are Youtube addiction effects?

Anxiety, loneliness, depression, various health problems, psychological problems, deep focus problem, lower confidence and etc.

What is Youtube addiction treatment?

Youtube Detox is the Youtube addiction treatment you can do as own. Consult a psychologist doctor about your Youtube addiction if it is affecting your health more and more, switch off your phone and go to places where you can explore yourself and the universe. Stay in the group of people don't stay alone. Challenge yourself to quit Youtube addiction by the timer apps installing your device when uninstalling the Youtube apps.  get busy doing something you really love.

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