Smartphone impacts on intellect

Smartphone effects on brain effects by using smartphone, smartphone can make you mad.

 Where you use your smartphone more causes your attention Sikh Sikh only on it on it causes causes causes your attention about other things going on in or your life

Constantly using phone intent more than than hours will decrease your ability to think more clearly because electromagnetic radiation impact cells in the brain.

After using water for a long time you will see a teacher is a skill set you have like your confidence communication etc

If you are addicted to smart that means you are lazy problems are happening to you you feel frustrated about yourself.

You are not making your small calculation on your mind because of calculating on your phone makes the your work done.

You are not going a public places because everything is having online everything comes to your hostess of your home home you don't go theatre you don't go to play game on the ground you don't travel to the other places.

You compare yourself with others you take mental stress from the reasons it is possible to be that smartphone kya effect on your intelligence.

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