Alcohol addiction

 What is Alcohol addiction ?

Alcohol addiction is bad habit of drinking alcohol more and more or you can say regularly consuming too much alcohol in daily life.

How Alcohol addiction happens?

A person drinking alcohol Once then it triggers them a moment of joy achievement of magical level of their life. When they drink alcohol, in the brain dopamine chemical releases they feel happiness, because of alcohol and release of dopamine they turn to be addicted to it then the addiction happens.

What are Alcohol addiction effects?

There are some bad effects of alcohol addiction on health like liver disease, weakness, unfocused etc. It effects on relationship between husband and wife in the family or in the marriage. Sometime neighbours Society Problem occurs, etc.

What is Alcohol addiction treatment?

 get busy doing something you really love,  Find some doctors to help you to stop your alcohol addiction. Check out there are some campaigns about it near your area of locations. People somewhat stop themselves by own. You can replace your bad habit into some of the good habit.

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