What is affiliate marketing?

Learn what is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is referring other peoples to buy some product of the company.

Let's understand that there is a company who want sell its products. If you make there sells by sending people to buy their products from their sites then you will get additional affiliate commissions on the sells.

When you get commissions from the sells that doesn't impact on the original price of the product. Means selling price will remain same till someone purchase the product you will get some percentage of that nearly about 5 to 10 percent.

More and more people are earning so much money from affiliate marketing. Only one time you have to share your affiliate links with people, then more people will purchase from clicking on your shared affiliate link so that you make more money from that. You have seen such affiliate links on social media.

Big Ecommerce companies run their affiliate programs like amazon, Flipkart etc. If you want to join their affiliate programs then I'm going to give you the links so that you click on them and join.

Amazon Affiliate Program Link : https://affiliate-program.amazon.in

Flipkart Affiliate Program Link : https://affiliate.flipkart.com

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