What is Digital Detox ? How to Do Digital Detox digitally

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Digital detox definition

a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers, regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world.

Digital detox meaning

Digital detox means some period of time you have to switch off your Digital Devices to paint time with yourself in the physical world. It's a time where are you cut off your all online world only for sometime, not for permanent. 

Why is Digital detox important?

It is important, because everyone has their busy life with online community but not have time to spend their life in the physical world communicate with their neighbours. So many people That have presence in the online world they doesn't know what happening with the surrounding in physical world. People who are addicted digitally That's the reason behind the digital detox to cut off digital devices and spend meaningful time with yourself.

Digital detox day?

5 September is a Digital Detox Day.

Is Digital Detox effective

Digital Detox effective when you do it by perfect way. If you do it wrongly it can't help you. If you do cheating it won't help you. If you stay consistent it will help you a lot And you will get benefits from that.

Digital Detox benefits

If you do digital Detox without cheating with yourself you will get benefits like your mind will be open to to learn new things, now you will think clearly, you will be more focused on what you do, you will feel better health, you will know about importance of time, you will know about how important you are friends family member and other peoples in your life, 

Sign you need digital detox

There are Some sign when you have to take digital Detox. when you're addicted to technology like you constantly check your digital devices, social media accounts, playing games online and etc. You have sleeping problems, anxiety, depression and various health problems during the period of time you digitally active more than a normal person.

Digital detox checklist

Decide how much of a time you can give for Digital detox and stick to it, don't loose in the middle.
make your all devices away from you. Or you can go away from them.

Digital Detox challenge apps

How long should digital Detox last

I think what time you spend digitally that time you have to take some of the brakes to digitally Detox not like a Pill it is. it has to take regularly who spends more time online. It can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

What to do during digital Detox

spend time with people are are in the garden are you can go to a trip are you can read a book are you can cheer with friends.

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