Stock Market information | What is Share Market?

What is stock market, how to invest in Share market.

Friends you must have heard about stock market share market equity market news paper tv news mobile video but do you know what is it we are going to know in this post read full post.

What is stock market?

A stock market is a market where shares of different companies are bought and sold. That means you will get some percentage share of that company. If the company gains, you will also gain, if there is a loss, you will also lose.

What is the stock market in India?

Presently there are two stock exchanges in India first is NSCE (National Stock Exchange) and second is BSCE (Bombay Stock Exchange).

How to invest in share market?

Earlier we could buy or sell shares of any company just by going to the stock exchange building but now in the age of internet we can do it without going anywhere with an app. The name of that app is Upstox. Click on the given link to install the app.

Link :

Code : 2CBMTK

After installing the app, complete KYC online with your Aadhaar card, PAN card. Open an account by adding a payment method.

And now you can sell shares of any company after buying by loading money in Upstox wallet.

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