How to invest on US stocks

Read this article to invest on US stocks from India right now

If you are looking to invest in small companies outside India like me then read this post completely because here I am going to tell you how you can invest in companies outside India like US market.

Friends first of all you need to download an app called IndMoney. To download the app click on the linkDownload

After downloading IndMoney app use my code GOR1DJ9LTSL while sign up Complete online KYC with your original Aadhaar card and PAN card. Then your account will be activated.

Click on the below picture which is  shown in IndMoney app.

Before investing on US stocks you need to load money in the SBM Bank on the app, select payment method and load your money to sbm super saver account. Your money will be converted from Indian Rupees to Us Dollars. After Crediting dollars to account. Choose the perticular stock and click on the buy button and pay directly from us stocks account.

Although the US market starts at seven in the evening but you can buy and sell during the day but keep in mind that it will be over after eight in the evening.

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