Backup Checklist everyone should have Backup Plan

 What is Backup Checklist?

Backup checklist means list of things to check that require when suddenly accident happens.

If suddenly anything like crash accident happens then we don't have a

backup plan to survive from it, to handle that situation it is necessary to having a backup plan is better. so what will be in the backup plan?
we need important things belonging to that condition aur situation is different based on the location like there mahaul and another various things.

Let's see an example if you have a job and because of that you manage your regular expenses then what if your boss suddenly dismissed you from that shop can you manage those expenses without job regularly to do so you need other options like you have skills to work whenever possible are you have a emergency fund to manage those expenses is called as a backup plan that it.

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When other people have nothing in difficulties you have something to survive on it. Don't forget to comment below if you have any doubt.

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