Why to Read Books ? what is the importance of books

 Because secret of the world is a hidden in the books. We can say that this world is developing on the base of the books. Before the paper isn't made there is use of Big trees leaves to write something. That's why the experiences of the old man now getting the new well beings only by the writing. And there the mistakes are done by older man are improving day by day with the help of books. We have know that everything has that importance of their presence. We can know that the aim of human living life. With the help of positive thoughts we get more work done. Increase confidence with the inspiration and motivation. We are the part of this world this world belong to us. We will be able to know that how big things are are made by the zero. You will know the value of very small things. How nature will give you a new thing you have to give to the nature. So that we will help each other. Stop the selfish 1. If you have earned it several times you can now succeed. Will know the real truth of love and get the more from happiness. Every decision will be right. And you will see greatness around you.

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