What is mean by Technology Fasting

Fasting technology ignoring tech devices like digital detox.

What is technology Fasting?

Do you know what is technology fast in simple language technology fast means ignoring all the technology devices for a limited period. It can be digital detox for sometime.

If you knew people in India in some religions,  they take fast for a particular day off a week and that day everyone who do this they ignore eating, meat of any animal in lunch or dinner this is happening comments and I'm in thinking of to get something if you be leaving God that's power up nature or you can say some other way law of attraction that means you are willing everything to achieve things you want in life. Like better health or political support from government etc.

The Great Mahatma Gandhi (Father of Nation, India) Instead of fighting with blood they used a method of Uposhan (उपोषण). In uposhan you stay hungry till the government accepts your thoughts about to correct the political irregularities in a peaceful way.

So why we cannot take the advantage of the way to get relax to get better health to avoid pollution that is busy Lifestyle thinking about stopping bad habits then you realise the power of silence, peaceful of mind, you will enjoy of not doing anything, you will feel like you are mediating.

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