What if Google Ban in India?

After Google Ban what to do, alternatives that are Similar to google Products of other Companies are discussed in this article.

if Google Ban in India?

What is Google?

   Google is the Largest company worldwide which captures the total online industries by their search engine , Products and Tools of Google we use in day to day life are more powerful on the Smartphones and on the Computers. Lots of people around the globe believe that Google is Most Safe On the basis to keep secure the privacy of the users. But any reasons by the government of any country or take in india if Google ban then What will be the alternatives or we can say that Similar Products of other Companies we can use or replace the market of google are discussed here.

Alternatives Of Google Search Engine

 First of all let's discuss about the Search engine because Google's search engine is the Biggest search engine in the world. If it will be not in the use then the options for online web content search engine are 

  1. Bing
  2. Yahoo
  3. Duck duck go
  4. Yandex & etc.

Alternatives Of YouTube

 The YouTube is a second largest search engine on the internet over the world. It is famous for the video content created by the various creators. There is high Chances that youtube can ban if any thing happens against the law because So many news are comes about the war between the virality. So there Available Video sharing platforms like YouTube are

  1.   Dailymotion
  2.   Facebook
  3.   Vimeo & etc.

Alternatives Of Google Chrome

 The Google Chrome is most used Web Browser on the PC's and Smartphones. After the ban other Web browsers get in use that are

  1.  Mozilla Firefox
  2.  Uc Browser
  3.  Opera Mini
  4.  & etc.

Alternatives Of Blogger

 The Google's product blogger is used to create free and simple blogs/website that is hosted on their google searvers after google ban if it impact on the blogger.com then the blogger has the alternatives like

  1.  WordPress.org wordpress.com
  2.  Facebook instant articles
  3.  & etc.

Alternatives Of Google AdSense

If Youtube and Blogger isn't available in india then there is no chance to use of adsense. Because adsense is the online advertising platform for blogs on blogger & other blogging/Website Creation platform and also For youtube videos. If They off the service then we have to depend on the other online advertising platforms like

  1.  Media.net
  2.  BulletProfit
  3.  Adsterra & etc.

Alternatives Of Google Pay

 The Google's Tez app i.e. now Google Pay Which is used to Pay anything online transactions by UPI method from smartphone have the alternative apps in India are

  1.  Paytm
  2.  Phone pe
  3.  Mobikwick & etc.

Alternatives Of Google Podcast

Google Podcast not so famous in the list of audio podcasting sites but the impact will Close it and we have remember the alternative, so then they are

  1. Spotify
  2. Audiable
  3. Khabri & etc.

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