How to use Paytm Payments Bank | How to Get and Activate Paytm atm/Debit card.

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Paytm Payments Bank

 Nowadays Paytm is widely used Online payment platform all over the India. So many online payments are done via paytm wallet, that's why everyone uses Paytm wallet to store their money to use later for online transactions over the internet and Paytm is accepted in all e-commerce website and come in an every Other payment options for Indian people's. In an Paytm app you can link your bank account if you want to transact by UPI through paytm Otherwise with the help of Punjab National Bank Paytm has Recently Launched their own Bank as Paytm Payments Bank.

Paytm Payments Bank Card

The benefits to use the Paytm bank 

You will not get anything if your money in Paytm wallet but if you take this money to Paytm bank you got interest rate per government rule as other banks available in india give some interest on hi our money. And you can open fixed deposit there will be discussed below, don't worry about bank fraud because your primary accounts are kept safe from online transaction if you use it only for online things.

To open account in a Paytm Payments Bank 

you need to just tap on bank icon on the Paytm app homepage as Shown below and fill the Required information about yourself and at a one click your account is opened. Don't forget to Set your 4 digit bank passcode for more security.

You will see your Bank details there like Account Number usually it can be your phone number which is registered on Paytm, paytm bank IFSC code, UPI id will be your phone [email protected] Plese write down these details if you forget it can be remembered easily.

 To add money on Paytm Payments Bank from Paytm wallet

 If you have some amount of money in your Paytm wallet you can send this money to your Paytm payments bank account. In a Paytm wallet Click Send Money Option and select your Paytm payments bank, enter amount and click done and your money will be transferred directly from wallet to paytm bank.


To create fd (fixed deposit) in Paytm Bank

You can create fd for a limited period of time Or you can create auto FD account. As per the order of Reserve Bank of India, the interest rate on fixed deposit are vary and it is depends on your validity period of stored money there. before opening FD please refer interest rate table available. you need amount of 10,000 and above to open fd. 

Just Clink On Fixed Deposit option available in Paytm Bank Section, enter amount ten thousand or more which is available in paytm bank account. And the amount of money will be get in a fixed deposit account where you get more interest rate than a normal account. You can use them after Maturity or any time you want to disclose it depends on you.

To get Paytm atm visa Debit card.

On the Sections of Paytm Bank you will see a tab that will show you your virtual debit card.

You can use it online anywhere but you can't withdraw money from Atm because you don't have it. You can use Paytm international debit card to withdraw cash at any atm, to pay at any shop across the world where it is accepted. Tap and pay using the card for fast and secure shipping experience. To order to your home Click on order option there you can select Rupay card As Visa Card to deliver your card some delivery charges got cut from your bank don't worry your card will be delivered safely to your correct provided address.

To activate Paytm atm cum Debit card.

After getting the physical Card Open Paytm app and Scan QR code available on the back of your Card, Enter your 4 digit bank passcode , Verify your Debit card number and Account number, Set a 4 digit PIN for your card instantly.

 You can manage your card anytime in Paytm app tap on bank icon, tap 'view and manage your card' then select Manage Card.

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