Online Movies Watching download Apps/Websites in india.

To watch new movies on internet old websites has not working properly to serve you a better quality so that in this post I have collection of the sites/apps where you can watch or download new movies.

1. YouTube

Yes on the YouTube there so many movies of various languages have uploaded there but no one can search there some times movie makers create there channel on YouTube and upload them to get revenue from ads. So you can watch them free or some of them have price to rent them for days.

2. Amazon Prime Video

On the Amazon prime you will get lot of rewards there. And watching new movies and web series one of them along discount free fast delivery and music. For that you have to take a Amazon prime membership and it is so cheap. 

3. Netflix

Netflix is an Popular webseries movies distributor which offers subscription basis to watch them on the app on TV also. You can watch their original great content 

4. HotStar

On the hotstar vip subscription you will get the star channels free to watch new movies released there and web series and TV serials and lots of sports fun 

5. Zee5

It is the same platform like hot star where zee channels are shown. By a zee5 member you can  watch TV serials, origin Programs, Webseries, Movies and many more things there.

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