Words to be spoken, BE POSITIVE, Life, TIME TO CARE, Beauty is everywhere, THE ROLE OF MONEY IN OUR LIFE


Words to be spoken should be

light and polite

Words to be spoken should give

Everyone a delight

Words to be spoken Should be

Calm and fresh

Words to be spoken should 

Energize and refresh

Words to be spoken should be

Less but meaningful

Words to be spoken should be

Positive and blissful

Words to be spoken shouldn't

Heart or discourage

Words to be spoken shouldn't

Invite someone's rage

Your life may get changed

With few dark words chosen

So be very careful about

Words to be spoken.....

Reva Ravi deshmukh


Tomoae school, amravati


Let your heart sing

Enjoy the beauty of bird's Wings 

Ignore the negative things 

They surround your minds like rings 

stop being so serious all the time 

rather, enjoy reading this poem 

with joyous rhymes,

Even to all the nephews in niece, 

Worrying takes away today's peace! 

What is there to worry about? 

Why we all are often full with Doubts? 

Why the psychiatrists places 

are full of crowd? 

Are these small things too heavy to make 

our heart aggressively proud??

To all the people reading this, 

Never worry for what you miss,

Fill every movement with bliss,

Just bring a delightful smile 

on your LIPS !!

 Shubhika Nihlani


 Krushna public school, Raipur


Live is a one time Golden chance

to every human being

you have to use this life by being 

creative with things 

many times we have to struggle 

Through ups and down; 

In your life, try the best as you can; 

Give the best life 

to yourself and others; 

Don't forget to always supportive 

father and mother.

In your life, do something special 

and good; 

No Doubt in next life you will have 

awesome childhood, 

Enjoy your life with happiness; 

Leave behind the sadness.

Shriya Anup Rathi


Bhawarilal Samra English High school


When you see litter on the streets,

Or the air smells like pollution, 

When you see it a'll piling up,

Remember their definitely is a solution. 

We can all try our level best, 

To keep the water sparkling and clean, 

To keep the air breathable and fresh,

Also to keep the forests lush green. 

Why don't we plant a tree?

and recycle the bottle or can 

think about the problem is it causes,

Let us even help others to understand.

it will not be a lot of hard work,

if we all do our bit of our share,

Take some time out for the environment,

To show the Earth that you really care.

Indrita Sengupta


Sandipani school


In the colorful flowers blooming 

then in the magnificent trees growing. 

in the fantasies of the books we read 

and in the sciences of the computers 

we uncover.

In the tiny ants scurrying for food 

and the elephants spurring water from their massive trunks. 

it's in you. 

it's in me. 

it's waiting with all its delights. 

Waiting for you to see it. 

To admire it and adore it. 

To feel it and believe it. 

To aspire it and acquire it. 

For if you only glimpse at the beauty around 

and within, 

You'll have a whole view to behold 

A view like the sun setting on a beach. A view like a valley lightning up with the first rays of the Daylight.

And oh, is there a better sentiment that the 

Phoenix finally rising up again from its ashes!

And that, my dear self, is the feeling of you 

finding the beauty.




Nitya Tekriwal


Jain international school


So what is money? Money something we use for living. It fulfills our basic needs like accommodation, food, education etc. Although money cannot directly give us good health it can be used for treating it. is only the most important thing in all life? Well this will differ according to the person whom you are asking. according to me it is not the most important thing in our life but it can make the most important thing in our life better. For example if the most important thing in your life is your health so we can use or money to make it better or we can use it in case of emergency. now Can money Buy us happiness? For this I will like to share a incident. two months ago our maid had to marry Her daughter off. due to the current situation she was not able to afford the Wedding. my grandmother decided to help her. she gave Our maid some money for her daughter's wedding. so you see money cannot buy us happiness but it can be used to make others happy. it is rightly say that if you are dancing financially blessed don't raise your of living, Raise your standard of giving. Use it to spread joy and happiness.

_Mahima Manish Lohiya

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