What are the uses of old smartphone?

use your mobile phone as a security camera location enabled android phone sell it and get money you can control music, lights etc


There are so many things you can do with your old smartphones only important uses explained in this post.

1. Security Camera

To use your mobile phone as a security camera your smartphone has a battery, rear camera and internet connection in good working condition. First You need to install suitable security camera app from play Store. After completing configuration in that app. You will get a link and from that link, If you can't get link some apps can be used by connecting wifi hotspots you will be able to see that footage anywhere like computer or other mobile devices. Some Parents use there old phones to taking eyes on their childrens.

2. Location device

If you loss car and there have location enabled android phone in that then you can get location of that place where last it was. To know location of your device open this link https://www.google.com/android/find?u=0&utm_source=Google&utm_medium=onebox and follow there

3. Sell good s

Your smartphone has so many small parts that you can sell when it gets damaged or becomes old. Some of them are battery, charger, touch screen panel etc. Also there are so many stores offer exchange offers to you if you want buy new mobile by exchanging your old phone and with that you can save some money. Means you do not have to give them full new phone price they will cut down their prices if you exchange with old phone.

4. Digital media controller

Do you know what is internet of things. by that method you can control music, lights, ac etc. Just from your phone. for this you to purchase these items which connect your smartphone by wi-fi Hotspot . Google smart home devices can be controlled by giving voice command to Google assistant in your mobile phone.

5. Giving children's to play

Like these many uses of old mobile phone so think before you throw it to the garbage.

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