Different types of online payment Methods?

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Online payment methods, digital payment methods, 

There are Different types of payment to methods are available on the internet but only some people's are using them to make payments. in this post you will know about what are these types and how people used them to transfer their money from one account to other.

Different types of payment Methods available on the internet :

1. Cards

 Do you know about debit card credit card visa card or master card These are used for making online payments. From any card you need a card number in CVB paint which is printed on the card after putting these details you will be get very pride by OTB and then your transaction will be complete.

2. U.P.I.

 If you have linked your mobile number to bank account Which means you will done your basic then after installing any UPS app or supported banking app with register mobile number then you will be able to do UPI transaction from your mobile phone.

3. Internet Banking

 Who do internet banking you need a user ID and password In this retail you will be good from bank or by requesting online banking service.

4. Digital Wallets

 Different apps in websites how digital valve service available where you can store your money has electronic cash it is called as cyber cash or digital cash this E-cash is used for recharge or paying bills etc. Sometimes You will get there cash back offers and many more.

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