Types of Web on the Internet, What are they used for, how to access dark web?

There are mainly three types of Web 1. Clean web or Surface web 2. Deep web and 3.Dark web how to access dark web

 We know that day by day the world is going digital more rapidly and interaction between the web’s on the internet is becoming more faster With the help of  new 5g technology. But do you know that Every website you visit is which type it has ? So In this post you will get some information about how many types of the web there on internet just reed this full article.

There are mainly three types of Web

  1. Clean web or Surface web
  2. Deep web and
  3. Dark web

Let’s understand these types of webs one by one in detail,

So first one is

1. Clean Web or Surface Web

This is first part of the web on the internet. Clean web which is also known as Surface web. And it is accessible to us by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, reddit, cnn etc. And it can be browse through normal web browsers like chrome, mozilla firefox, opera etc. The clean web/ surface web is Used for Normal blogs, free encyclopaedia etc

Second is

2. Deep Web

This is second part of the web on the internet. Only Main pages are indexed on search engines.  can access deep web by any browser but to enter to that web you need a login name and password. The deep web is Used for Academic database, Medical Records, Financial Records, Online Banking, Legal Documents, Some scientific reports, Some government reports, Subscription-Only information, Some Organization-Specific repositories.

And the Third is

3. Dark Web

This is the third part of the web on the internet. Pages of the dark web are not indexed by the normal search engines that’s why no one can find it by searching or surfing through internet. The dark web can only be browse by specific type of browsers such as Tor browser etc. And strangers say that url of these type of web ends with .onion etc. And it is necessary to ensure you have good vpn so that your identity will not be found on that web. The dark web is Used for Political protests, Drug trafficking and for other illigal activities. 

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