You are Failing, You're Growing.

खो खो kho kho

After I completed my schooling in 2016 at Vasant Vidyalaya Gadchiroli, from the Nagpur division of Maharashtra state board of higher secondary education Pune. I have the choice to graduate & i decided to learn more about science and technology and taken admission to bachelors Degree of Gondwana University at shiwaji College Gadchiroli. there starting of the semester pattern I completed my first year being serious while studying.

In the 2017 i loss my focus from studying I getting distracted and addicted to social media that's why my second year of college performance was decrease I was failed in the total of the three subjects that will i have to cover in the next year .

That is the year 2018, my mom was passed away. I feel lonely in the single room. I'm getting depressed about my career because there is no form of payment I was getting from the moms pension was stopped. that I worried about the money because the process of claiming of the insurance policies are taking time longer than expected that is three plus years.

Then in the year 2019 I remember that there i have started the blog for free on blogger but I'm not working on it at that time. I saw some of the people's that are Indian in English language making career & money online. from this I feel motivated to work. I writen down the some blog posts and published on the blog. after I know to get the revenue from this you have to get approved by the Google adsense. 

Then To get my blog monetize faster and to make online Authority/Property I bought the domain name in 2020 and within a month I got approval by Google and the payment is started from adsense. and this has the Worth of $500 plus increasing onwords.

As of now Yes, this has become my asset/source of income & also I can Explore, Expand & Express myself and do many more things that i enjoy and share them with the beautiful peoples all around the world like You.

To continue the story please support my Work.

Thank you.

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