Digital Age - Beneficial or Dangerous

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The government is implementing various measures and schemes to enable all the work to be done online on the backdrop of Digital India. New digital tools are becoming available. If you look at how they are used, it is safe to assume that a digital revolution is taking place. So one thing is for sure, digitization has reduced the burden of paper. You get to see events happening somewhere far away, wherever you are. Demonetization has given rise to online financial transactions. But the number of TV mobiles as well as electromagnetic gadgets is increasing. Everything is being delivered at home so no one feels the need to go out. Now that more and more new ways of earning money are available on the internet, everyone is busy in their own online world.

 But overuse of digital tools has led to a decline in communication with other people. Nobody knows what's going on outside, people are so engrossed that when someone calls, they can't hear the call. People who are stuck in the web are addicted to it. If this continues, the situation of the young generation in front of us, how their mentality will change and how all this will come under control is becoming a matter of concern. Young children need to be kept away from using such objects but people are letting them play with electromagnetic gadgets instead. I mean, people still have a lot to learn about the consequences of such things.

 This extra-terrifying web of temptation can tempt us and make us addicted. You should try to stay away from it as much as possible until you fully understand all the aspects of this area. In this world of internet, first of all, everything seems attractive to you and with one click, you go inside that funnel. And to spend money there you are robbed by the influencers. And we sit desperately in our real world. So this world of internet is bright to look at but if you touch it, your hand will burn.


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Authored by ngsvarwade

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