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Here we have the collection of famous marriage card quotes which are useful to send invitation of wedding ceremony. You can Share this with your friends, family and relatives etc. 

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The future Mr. & Mrs. _____ (Groom’s family title) would love your presence on their wedding ceremony at ____ (date) in_____ (venue) on ____ (time). Please be there to show your support and love.

At last, the day has come- _____ (bride’s name) has finally chosen her prince charming _____ (groom’s name) to be wed on _____ (day), _____ (date) at _____ (place name). Hope you will be kind enough to bless them with your presence. Thank you.

To love & to cherish for the rest of their lives __________ (groom’s name) & ___________ (bride’s name are getting married at ________ (place) on _______ (date). The honor of your presence is highly requested. Thank you.

We invite you to share the joy with us as the wedding of (groom’s name) & (bride’s name) takes place on (date) at (place). We expect you together with your family!

You are cordially invited to (groom’s name) & (bride’s name) ‘s wedding that is taking place on (date) at (venue). Your company is warmheartedly welcomed.

Before we start our journey as a married couple, we would like to have your blessings. Please come join us at our wedding on [date] at [venue]!

You are most welcome to crown our wedding day. The celebrations are incomplete without your presence. Save the date [date]. We look forward to your company.

It is another beautiful year, love is in the air. We warmly invite you to witness an everlasting marriage bond for our children. Your presence will be highly appreciated.

It will be an honor to have you at our wedding ceremony. We look forward to sharing happiness with you. You are warmly invited!

Please celebrate with us the start of a new life and new love as we, [Bride and Groom name] exchange wedding vows on [date] at [venue]. Your presence will be a blessing to us.


dear. There are going to be only the family members in my wedding ceremony. That’s why I am inviting you! Do come on [date].

Hey, buddy! You are invited to the most special day of my life but there’s a

condition. You have to arrive with a beautiful and big smile on your face.

You are invited to get free food, beer and dance floor to dance all night. You are invited to my wedding, pal!

Dear, Sir. I am very happy to inform you that I am getting married on [date].

You are cordially invited with your family to my marriage ceremony.

The most beautiful bride and the most handsome groom are wishing for your presence at their marriage ceremony on [date]. Please, come and give them your valuable blessings.

The most beautiful love story will finally be completed as our son will get married to his childhood love on [date]. Be there to experience the magical moment.

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Marriage can happen without relatives but it can’t happen without the most important person in the family. Please, come and bless.

Only for you, there will be unlimited food and alcohol. Now, you can’t deny!  You are cordially invited to my wedding ceremony on [date].

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Your favorite food, songs, and people are waiting for you. Please, come to our wedding on [date]. Your presence means a lot to us!

Millions of emotions, hundreds of people, a lot of dishes and a lot of wishes, experience all of there on [date]. You are invited to our wedding!

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