Pollution an environmental problem

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 In the past, the green and cold weather everywhere on earth used to feel like heaven. But now pollution is a big problem. Pollution is turning the earth into hell like heaven. But why is this happening, who is doing this condition of the earth, have you ever asked yourself this question? Why aren't we responsible for the pollution? Pollution is not a problem because of the origin of man, as long as man wanted to evolve, he lived as an animal with all other animals. He was not greedy at all, he was dying of hunger. Day by day man became super smart and his appetite increased, greed was created and the foundation of development was laid. There are two sides to the coin, I think there should be development, one good and one bad. So the good side of development seems to be and the bad side is overlooked is pollution. 


 The waste of any good work is thrown away, which turns into pollution. The need of the hour is to dispose of pollution properly. Let's take a look at the different types of pollution caused by pollution. 

Water pollution 

Since water pollution is related to water, there are many reasons that pollute the water. Toxic effluent from a chemical plant is discharged into a river channel, which can make animals sick by drinking the water. For this, the contaminated water should be filtered out. Another reason is that some people go to the village or village to wash the cattle in the well or in the pond, some people do other work like washing women's clothes, so if one touches the body in the pond, there is a risk of infection on his body and where the water is used. 

Sound Pollution 

Noise pollution has a lot to do with noise pollution. The main reason is the noise pollution caused by the loud noise coming from the loudspeakers wherever there is an event. Noise Pollution Noise pollution from hearing loss due to other causes such as hearing loss and fear of deafness should be controlled by the police administration. 

Air Pollution 

Air pollution is caused by air. Large factories emit toxic fumes, which pollute the air so much that if people do not get sick, the chimney of such a factory, the release pipe on the smoke should be at a high distance so that the smoke reaches the people and dissolves in the sky. In the same way, smoke is emitted from motor vehicles as they pass through the road. We have to endure it every day but we should not wear too much attention to get sick. We should wear masks or drivers should put filters in the vehicles. 

Plastic Pollution 

The fact that plastic items or plastic bags are used everywhere causes pollution so that the plastic does not dissolve in the environment, soil or water and it does not rot. If they are thrown on the ground, they will be eaten by pets / wild animals. The plastic you create is endangering others on earth. The administration should ban the use of plastic as it should be disposed of by us and paper or cloth should be used as an alternative. We should also avoid using plastic and make people aware of this, if plastic is found, it should be collected and burnt. 

Vehicle pollution 

Pollution from motor vehicles depends on their use. Above you know that repeated horn blowing causes noise pollution. In addition to the air pollution caused by the fumes emitted by different fuels, these vehicles are left in a state of disrepair as well. Then they become a burden by occupying space on the counter. 

Soil Pollution 

Soil pollution is caused by spraying of chemical fertilizers in the soil. It affects the small particles on the soil or changes the condition of the soil. Soil pollution makes the land barren. In order to control soil pollution, vermicompost should be used instead of chemical fertilizers. Natural fertilizers should be used as much as possible. 

Waste pollution 

Ever wondered how much garbage you are doing! What happens to the waste we throw away? So how much waste pollution is causing us to get sick. Garbage you throw away should be put in the bin instead of anywhere else. It is well known whether dry waste and wet waste have to be collected separately. If there is dry waste, it should be burnt and if there is wet waste, it should be dug in the ground and let it die. 

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