tips for smartphone users Radiation ! Save yourself from smartphone.

We take care of everything in our daily life, Also, the mobile phone in your hand is a component of it, so here are some important things to keep in mind so that you can use it properly.

1) Keep a safe distance: Use your mobile phone a little away from your body.

2) Smartphone users use a Wires headset to keep your mobile handset away from your head. (E.g. earphones). 

3). Don't press your head into the phone handset. Radio frequency (RF) is standardized as the square of the distance from the energy source - being too close increases this energy absorption. 

4). Limit the length of mobile calls.

5). Whenever possible, use text messages (SMS / messages) over voice.

6). Put the mobile phone in speaker mode.

7). If the radio signal is weak, the mobile phone will increase the transmission power. Find a strong signal and avoid wandering - use your phone only where the reception signal / range is good.

8). Metals (e.g. iron, etc.) and water are conductors of radio waves, so you should not use a mobile phone while wearing glasses with metal frames or when your hair is wet.

9). Let the call connect before you put your mobile / handset to your ear or start talking and listening - a mobile phone first communicates at high power and then reduces enough space. Connecting calls 

10). If you have the option, use a landline (wired phone), avoid using a mobile phone.

11). Do not keep your phone in your chest / stomach or pants pocket while you are on. When a mobile phone is turned on, it automatically generates RF energy to check the network every one or two minutes

12). Reduce the use of mobile phones by children as radiation from a mobile phone to a young person can cause long term damage to the body.

13). People with active medical implants should mainly keep the mobile at least 20 cm or as far away as possible.

Specific radiation absorption information

Your mobile is a radio transmitter and receiver. The unit of exposure standard measurement for mobile devices is known as the Specific Absorption Rate or SAR.

Status    Regulation

Head. India 1g SAR Limit (1.6W /  KG)
Body.  India 1g SAR Limit (1.6W / KG)

The lower the power output of the device, the lower its SAR neck. To meet the radio frequency exposure guidelines during body-wearing operation, move the mobile device at least 20 cm away from your body.

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