How many people have been wasted playing games so far?

  Friends, no matter how many people die, those who are addicted to the game will continue to play the game. No matter how much you understand them, they do not understand it. They also know what happens due to this game.  ,

 So it is dangerous to play PUBJI. We need to know all the races. We need to know its disadvantages. After that, you can read something in your free time. No one benefits from playing PUBJI. What is the benefit of people playing? What is the benefit?

 Friends, there will be many games in the world that are wasting kids but telling them that it is harmful to their body for their life, the children do not know and even if they know it has become so edited, they do not try to leave the game.  Not in hand because all the kids are the owners of your choice but no one listens to the wedding. My friends are very addicted to Pubji but I am one of them. I am very fond of Pubji. I was playing the game day and night.  I think I know it so I can say that the biggest thing is to have and not have a mobile if you have it and if you use it well it is good for you and if you use it badly it is for you too much and if you use it badly it is for you  Very harmful so use it to play games
 If you do, it will do a lot of damage to your body, so you, who are playing puppies, didn't dominate it too much right now and delete it right now.

 Thank you so much for reading so many words of mine so if you have any questions or concerns, you can comment and write any questions you may have. I will answer them immediately. Thank you.

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