simple girl quotes

 "A simple girl is not necessarily a weak girl." - Unknown

"There is beauty in simplicity, and there is grace in a simple girl." - Unknown

"The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion, but cosmetics are easier to buy." - Yves Saint Laurent

"A simple girl is a girl who knows her worth and doesn't need anyone to validate her." - Unknown

"She is a simple girl with a complicated mind, but her heart is pure and her soul is kind." - Unknown

"A simple girl is often the happiest, because she finds joy in the little things in life." - Unknown

"A simple girl may not have the most expensive clothes, but she knows how to carry herself with confidence and style." - Unknown

"A simple girl is a rare gem in a world that values complexity." - Unknown

"A simple girl is like a breath of fresh air, refreshing and inspiring to be around." - Unknown

"A simple girl may not have all the answers, but she has the courage to ask the right questions." - Unknown

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