😞Mobile whimsical and untreated illness, ngsvarwade

Today mobile is an integral component of our life. But due to this mobile you have to face some disadvantages. Some electromagnetic waves come out of the mobile. Various changes and sensitization of the atmosphere through these waves reach your mind.
According to the various signals reach different organs through the brain. Electromagnetic waves coming out of mobile and other devices will affect the body. Today, to know about it ...
1) Today, children play more games on mobile phones. This reduces the concentration of the child, the ability of the new learning and the eclipse.
2) Speaking of hours on the phone is definitely dangerous. If you want to talk more time on the phone, use headphones. Keep the phone as long as it can from the body. Use the Bluetooth headset if possible.
3) More speed magnetic waves cause chances of inflammation or cataract.
4) Many have the habit of sleeping by keeping a phone near the head. This habit results in the sleep of people. So keep in mind that the phone should stay longer than the body while sleeping at night.
5) Electric magnetic waves coming out of mobile and other devices will affect the body. The main consequence of this is on heating the surrounding cells. Similarly, these waves are harmful to other organs of the body.
6) Mobile overuse occurs on chromosomes and hormones of men and women. The resultant impotency can also occur.
7) There are two types of phones currently in use with GSM and CDMA CDMA. GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) is about 890 to 915 Hz Wave Tower to Mobile, while talking on phones that fall in this type. Speaking on CDMA phones, 867 to 849 Hertz waves arise.
8) On the one hand the use of mobile on the same side can lead to brain tumor disease.
9) Due to excessive use of the phone, the possibility of fatigue, lack of concentration, dizziness, nausea, and even stomach discomfort can not be ruled out.
10) Sometimes the phone appears to be on the phone without the phone. It is also known as a ringtone exit.

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