One day, i was playing in the backyard at my house, suddenly i heard the straing sound , when i when looked , i was surprised , i saw a UFO coming towards my home, soon it landed at our backyard, i hide behind a trees and i watch , the door of UFO opened and three alians atepped out , they were looking terrible with shining eyes , big arms and hand, with three fingers only , they were looking at my house and discussing some thing , i couldn't understand there extra ordinary language .
I was confused and i ran to my house , i was shocked bcoz one of them cought me. They took me into the UFO . it flow in the air for some hours and at last it landed at an anknown place . That place full of with horrible looking alians . All of them were some working . It was a very high technical world . They had been workkng their task automatically and digital use. I shouted,"let me go, i dont stay here ", but non off them paid attention to me . They brought me a sit and tied my hands and legs . I was thrusty and hungry . I shouted ..give me water , give me something to eat", but they were working continuesly . It was a dangerous situation for me . I bagged for help , but they didn't noticed me . At last i was calling my mom and dad loudly. At the movement i was found me on my bed . I was slipping . I got up and i sat on the bed . I realised that all i had seen was a dream , i loughed loudly. I will never forget that great dream.

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