A Personal man was

  What things man are need in his life . Cloths,food,one house but this can available if the man have a money. The money is most important thing in the world . If any man have a no money then he become a serious the money . The man can imagin what he buy or purchase things without money . In the mind ways are open for getting money like a do anything work and get money for shop needed things but low quality of work you cannot get the more moneys and you cannot purchase the thing that are important to continues life . In the leaving life all the mans are wants to enjoy . But our madness makes the body loose to have a diesease . If you eat low food quantity after having disease our mood can automatically change to become a serious . If i cannot take our care regularlly the diesease becomes a bigger and attack on our body . Our loss of money diseases are not controled and causes a death.

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